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Designing with video and light to create

                 memorable moments for special projects.




As a silent partner insomne has been involved with a range of events in varying roles. 

Brit awards 2020 working with Olge Hog as a d3 media server operator

MTVs EMA awards working with Olge Hog as a d3 media server operator

e-Tron launch in San Francisco working under Dandelion-Burdock studio as a d3 media server programmer helping silent partner studio projection map an iconic building. 

The XX festival Tour working with Luke Halls studio to implement video elements to the tour and taking the production on the road for the summer

Guidizuio universale programming and projection mapping for Luke Halls studio on a Balich world shows production.

Working with PRG Belgium in Turkmenistan for Balich world shows bringing the extravagant AIMAG opening ceremonies to life. 


Experience gathered from many more events from theatre to opening ceremonies.

Dandelion - Burdock
The XX summer Tour
e-Tron Launch
Fina opening ceremonies


As a tech savvy creative, I am always on the lookout for new technologies and workflows. With over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, 

I have a strong understanding of entertainment technology and content production software and workflows. Working in the space between technical production and artistic creation. With a background in light design and event architecture im passionate about mixing light and video technologies, designing space and media elements that connect with their audiences. 

The possibilities of constantly evolving generative content and performer driven visuals. 


Experienced in special projects and touring productions. Consulting on creative projects helping designer bring their ideas to life


Based in Barcelona and available globally.

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